Terms and Conditions

Not Boring!!

Additional Terms and Conditions:

I know, I know. We all  see the words “Terms and Conditions” and our eyes glaze over. Boring, boring, blah, blah, blah. But they’re really super important! When I agree to do work for you, and you agree to pay me for it, that’s a legal contract. So prop your eyes open and give this a thorough read. I promise to keep it as short and painless as possible! (See that part in bright blue? It’s not required but it would be nice of you!) If you read carefully, you might find a nice surprise!

The important stuff:

All pricing assumes delivery from Client of sufficient information to produce a blurb (a.k.a. “back cover copy”, “promotional copy”, “dust jacket copy”, “flap copy”, to be called a “blurb” for the purposes of these terms and conditions), or author bio, or other product agreed upon by Client and Blurb Writer. Any additional information needed will be discussed prior to work being completed.

Clients who submit work to Blurb Writer signify that they are the author of the submitted work, hold the rights to the work, or are authorized by the creator of the work to commission creation of blurb copy for the work. Clients agree that once a payment for services is made by the Client and accepted by Blurb Writer, a contract has been agreed upon and there is no refund for services. All sales are non-refundable and final.

Blurb Writer will deliver a clean copy for review, but Client holds ultimate responsibility to proof the work. One round of revision is permitted in listed costs. Additional revisions may incur additional charges depending on extent required. Copy will be delivered in a Word document (.docx format) or as an inline message, in an email, whichever the Client prefers.

Blurb Writer does NOT retain client information/files once the transaction has been completed. All files will be the property of the Client and as such, must be backed-up/saved on the client’s servers. Client will own the blurb, author bio, or other completed product.

Made it this far? You look like you could use a break. Click here for a nice surprise!

Blurb Writer requests a listing on the copyright page as creator of the copy when the product is used as part of a book, whether in print or electronic book (e-book), along the lines of Cover Copy created by BlurbWriter.com .

Blurb Writer retains the right to include the image of your cover and/or the completed product, in whole or in part, as part of our portfolio, to be showcased on our website, or used for Blurb Writer’s promotional purposes, or used as examples in other non-fiction works by Blurb Writer owner, without any remuneration to the author. Payment for services assumes agreement with this practice.

Blurb Writer services are not a guarantee for publication or an offer of representation and makes no guarantee that copy created will ensure improved sales, cause work to be accepted by an agent or publisher, or that a manuscript will be published.

Blurb Writer makes no promises–implicit or implied–beyond what is spelled out in this Web site, which serves as our contract.

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it? And now we both feel better! And I know you want to see that puppy again!

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