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Your book description is one of the most important tools in an author’s marketing arsenal. You want a description that will

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Whether you call it back cover copy, jacket copy, promotional copy, a book description, or a blurb, a great book description will

Get your book noticed!

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Everyone likes getting a little something extra, like the cherry on top of a sundae. So why not treat your readers to something more?

  • Author Biography, to tell the world all about you!
  • Taglines: short and sweet! Great for promo!
  • Loglines: bigger than a tagline, smaller than a blurb, when you want a little extra
  • Series descriptions, for your readers who are hungry for more, more, more!
  • Expanded blurb, great for a series, when you want it all!

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With almost a decade writing book descriptions, BlurbWriter has worked with hundreds of independent authors, publishers, and book formatters.

Each blurb created takes into account your work, your voice, industry standard norms for your genre, and your target audience.

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About Blurb Writer

elephantzebraKat Sheridan is the Blurb Writer. She used to write computer programs and technical manuals. Then she discovered a quirky talent for turning those 300-page manuals into two paragraphs (or sometimes a single sentence!)  for the marketing department.

Kind of like transmogrifying an elephant into a zebra.

Now she uses that skill to transmogrify books into blurbs. Working with authors is lots more fun, and the stories are much more interesting! Kat also shares her expertise in her book, Blurb Your Novel: How to Write Book Descriptions For Fiction.

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