OLD Getting Started

Getting Started:

Review the Work Orders page and decide what’s right for you. Not sure or have questions? Contact me.

Submitting your work:

To submit your work, choose the appropriate Work Order from the drop down list, fill in the information, and submit it. Once I receive your work order, I’ll review it and contact you with a proposed completion date. Once we agree on a date, you’ll be invoiced via PayPal. If you are having problems with the work order(s), please Contact me.

What is Accepted:

Works of fiction or non-fiction of any length (short story, novella, novel, anthologies, etc). Blurb creation for poetry, graphic novels, or other works is not currently offered. Romance, including erotic romance and erotica (any heat level), is welcome.

Key Information:

The more key information you can provide about your work, the better the blurb will be. Each commission takes into account your work, your voice, industry standard norms for your genre, and your target audience.

The more complete the information you fill in on the work order, the better the results will be for you.

If you already have a blurb (or an idea for one!) there’s a place to include that. A 1-5 page single spaced synopsis is always welcome, providing the key plot points/turning points, and the outcome (ending) but is optional.

You’ll be asked to provide the first 1250-1500 words of your story as well (about the first five pages). This helps identify your unique voice and method of story telling so a blurb can be crafted that matches the tone of the work and your voice.

The “No-No” List:

Blurb Writer retains the right to refuse any work (of any genre) that contains any of the following:

  • Pedophilia or children involved in sexual situations
  • Incest
  • Rape as titillation. Rape used as part of the plot or action, especially supporting character development, may be used but MAY NOT be presented in a positive light or with the intent to stimulate erotic excitement or pleasure or include explicit sexual details
  • Necrophilia
  • Bestiality. This does not apply to shapeshifting/paranormal characters or humanoid characters in paranormal romance, sci fi/fantasy or similar works
  • Animal cruelty
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