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Expanded Fiction

More is more…

Sometimes, one book is not enough. You have a series. Or an anthology. Or a boxed set. Let’s call it a book group. The Expanded Fiction work request starts with a series tagline, a headline for the overall book group. Then there’s the series description, a short paragraph that describes the book group and can be repeated as a sort of intro paragraph for each book in the group. Then a blurb for one individual book in the group. Want more? There’s always more! Check out the options at the end of this sample for Sugar and Spice: A Karma Café Novella , by Tawny Weber, part of her Karma Cafe series. To request an Expanded Fiction blurb for your group of books,

Series Tagline:

With the help of three friendly witches, hot sassy romance is always on the menu at the Karma Café!

Series Description:

The Karma Café is run by three generations of magical women. Natalia Karmanski is desperate to marry off her only daughter, Anja. She rents the apartment above the café for extra income, hoping Anja will fall in love with the eligible bachelor upstairs. But Anja’s determined to do things her own way. With a little help from Grandma Odette’s aphrodisiac-laced truffles, tarot,  and a little astrology, Anja finds even better matches for the bachelors. Soon word gets out that renting above the Karma Café is the key to finding Ms. Perfect—and having the best sex of your life! And maybe soon, one of these eligible bachelors will be Anja’s own perfect match.

Blurb/Book Description:

Dedra Hanson has three addictions: gorgeous shoes, yummy treats and her sexy boss. Love of her job has always kept the administrative assistant from acting on her passion for the handsome CEO. Besides, she’s already seen how ugly things could get when her father made his secretary her stepmother. But when Paul starts looking for a bride, the clock starts ticking on Dedra’s resolutions.

As CEO of a company specializing in luxury footwear, all Paul Chastain wants to do is run a successful business. But the board insists a more mature man might be a better leader. Mature as in married. He hasn’t been holding out for a fairy tale romance, but there must be someone better than the board’s suggested bride.

With the playboy CEO about to become engaged to a chilly socialite, Paul becomes fair game. All Dedra needs for one wild fantasy night is a little help from a café-owning fairy godmother, a magically delicious truffle and the desperate knowledge that if she doesn’t go for it now, she may lose the chance forever. After all, her plane leaves at midnight…

Book One – Sugar And Spice  

Book Two – Sweet Nothings  

Book Three – Decadent Desires  

Book Four – There’s A New Witch In Town

Add something extra!

Give your promotional materials an extra boost with these additional options. Just add them at the bottom of the Standard Fiction Work Request Form.

Short Version Blurb:

Same blurb, but shorter, perfect for a paperback cover or blog post.

Dedra Hanson loves shoes, sugar, and her sexy boss. But it’s her love of her administrative assistant job that’s kept her from acting on her passion for that sexy man. Paul Chastain is CEO of a company specializing in luxury footwear. He’s been holding out for a fairytale romance, but the board is pressuring him to find a bride. With Paul about to propose to the wrong woman, and a midnight deadline, all Dedra needs is a little help from a café-owning fairy godmother, a magically delicious truffle and the desperate knowledge that if she doesn’t go for it now, she may lose the chance forever.

Book Logline:

Even shorter! Perfect for retail sites that allow limited characters or words. Or an elevator pitch. It even fits in a tweet!

Hot kisses, sexy shoes and a midnight rendezvous – the perfect recipe for Happy Ever After. Throw in a fairy godmother with personal agenda, a midnight deadline, and a marriage-of-convenience and you have a hot and sassy twist on a modern day Cinderella story!

Book Tagline:

Short and sweet. Perfect for promotional graphics! Hook them with the tagline, then reel them in with the full blurb!

Hot kisses, sexy shoes and a midnight rendezvous…

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