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Please fill in all fields as completely as possible, then press “Submit” at the end to send the information. You will receive a response in less than 24 hours with a projected completion date. If this is acceptable, you will then be invoiced via PayPal. Work begins after payment is received. You must specify if you want a tagline (10-15 words), a Log line (15-30 words), or a short version of the blurb (15-50 words).

Work Description: Provide a complete description of the work to be performed. If you have an existing blurb, include it here. If you have a synopsis, include it here. If there are multiple works, as in a boxed set or for a series, include the existing blurb, title, and author name for each work that will need a tagline, log line, tweet, etc. If there is to be an “umbrella” tag line for a series or boxed set, please specify that as well. For a series or boxed set, include the series name and/or the theme or other unifying information such as, “Dirk Dangerous: Noir Detective series” or “All books include a mysterious letter” or “All books are about second chance love,” etc. Be as specific as possible.

Genre(s): use as many as you need, i.e. “young adult historical romance”, or “extraplanetary space alien Western”, or “adventure comedy”.

Synopsis: OPTIONAL. A synopsis should be approximately 1-5 single spaced pages that includes key plots points and outcomes. It is NOT required.

Additional Information: Any additional information you think will be helpful to include.

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